Supporting Trans and Non-binary Educators

The aim of the meeting is to raise awareness of issues facing trans and non-binary people, and specifically those in education settings. This includes discrimination and harassment, but also the ways these groups continue to be marginalised.  

Our keynote speakers will outline problems as well as the ways trans and non-binary people can be supported in order that we all, actively and collaboratively, discover how to eradicate transphobia from our schools and colleges.  

Keynote speakers include Kacey de Groot, current NEU National Executive Committee LGBT+ seat holder who is a trans woman, a secondary school teacher and an active and effective campaigner for trans rights, and Ayla Holdom, who served for 13 years in the RAF and now flies helicopters for the National Police Air Service and came out as transgender around 2010. She is also an advisor for the charity All About Trans, a proud patriot of the Mermaids charity and a Stonewall trustee.


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