District and Branch Officers

Branch Officers

Branch President    – Linda Goodwin

Branch Secretary –    Bea Harvey

Assistant Branch Secretary – Mick Dwyer

Representatives on LA negotiating Committees

Joint Consultative Committee Bea Harvey and Mick Dwyer

Joint Advisory Committee Linda Goodwin + Vacancy

LMSCC/AMP Bea Harvey and Mick Dwyer

( SACRE Sam Kirwan and Linda Goodwin)


Bea Harvey

Mick Dwyer

Ann Cartlidge

Jo Allen

Paul Thompson

Gordon Thornhill

District Officers

President Linda Goodwin

Vice President Vacancy

District Secretary Bea Harvey

Assistant D.S. Member Engagement Mick Dwyer

Assistant D.S. Communications Vic Goodwin

Treasurer Maggie Easton

Assistant Treasurer Vacancy

Equality Officer/LGBT+ Gianni Frary

Minuting Secretary Bernard Welsh

Independent Sector Officer Sam Kirwan

Union learning Rep Bea Harvey

Health and Safety Adviser Gordon Thornhill

Disable Teacher Officer Vic Goodwin

Women’s Officer Jo Allen

International Officer Linda Goodwin


Peter Young

Sam Kirwan

Amelia Carr

Paul Thompson

Ann Cartlidge

Carole Jones

Gordon Thornhill

Jo Allen

Officer Vacancies

Assistant Treasurer

Post 16 Sector Officer

Support Staff Officer

Black Educator Officer

Retired Teachers Officer

Press and Media Officer

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