Historic win will benefit thousands of pensioners

Linda Goodwin

Staffordshire Branch and District President Linda Goodwin, with the assistance of the NEU Legal Department, took the Secretary of State for Education to an Employment Tribunal and won.

The Case Number :1308506/2019 can be viewed online by clicking the link:

Employment Tribunal

See below the report from the NEU Educate magazine.

The NEU’s victory in the ‘Goodwin’ survivor benefits case means 13,000 widowers will have their pensions increased, the Department for Education has confirmed. Widowers of female teachers will automatically get their Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) calculated on their spouse’s service from 1 April 1972, rather than 6 April 1988. All dependants’ pensions for married couples and civil partners – whether opposite or same sex – will now be based automatically on service from 1 April 1972. Nick Kirby, NEU lead pensions officer, said: “All affected widowers will have their benefits corrected, with arrears if appropriate, as soon as practicable. Affected members shouldn’t contact the TPS, it will contact you.”

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